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Department of Industrial
and Systems Engineering

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Industrial engineering at Rutgers started in 1947 as the Engineering Administration Program which became the Industrial Engineering Program in 1956 and in the same year it became part of Mechanical, Industrial and Aerospace Engineering Department. Graduate program in IE started in 1963, offering MSIE degrees. Finally, the Department of Industrial Engineering was established as a separate unit in College of Engineering in 1981 and the Ph.D. program was approved in 1991. In 2002, the department name became Industrial and Systems Engineering to reflect the present teaching and research activities.

Currently there are 12 faculty members, about 150 undergraduate and 90 graduate students in the department. The program offers BS, MS and PhD degrees in industrial and Systems Engineering.

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"Graduating from the Industrial and Systems Engineering department at Rutgers was one of the foremost enablers of my professional career. The skills I first learned and subsequently honed while a student of ISE, have in my opinion, enabled me a leg up on my peers. Suffice it to say, I would not be where I am today without the dedicated attention from the ISE faculty and well structured curriculum of the program."

– Scott Peters, BS'10 (now at LogTech)

"As an undergraduate, one of the hardest decisions I was faced with was deciding my major. I can say with full confidence that choosing Industrial Engineering as my major was the right choice and fit for me! The ISE program, my peers, and my professors were crucial in helping me to develop my problem solving, critical thinking, and team collaboration skills as an undergraduate. I learned the importance of hard work and determination in accomplishing your goals, and I will always look back..."

– Daniel Jeng, BS'10 (now at Accenture)

"My time in the Industrial Engineering department at Rutgers University has adequately prepared me for life in the professional world. I am currently in the Wealth Management Americas Department at UBS Financial Services. Although this is not a typical job for one with an engineering background, I feel as though I am not at any disadvantage. I attribute this to the nature of industrial engineering as well as the way it was taught to me. The concepts behind the topics, such as development,..."

– Adarsh Dasika, BS'10 (now at UBS Financial Services)

Thrust Areas Faculty & Research Graduate Undergraduate Alumni
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